The Police Station

May 18, 2007 at 11:40 am (Uncategorized)

We drove to the police station near my parents home. My sister and brother wanted to phone my parents but I said no because I was worried about how they would take it. My Dad was to have a heart operation the next week and I thought, if I could keep it between us until after that he would be healthier and able to take the news.

The station was unmanned so we had to wait for the police to come to interview me about what had happened. I spoke to one female officer and a male officer with my sister in the room, they didn’t take a statement or record what I was saying at that point. Only the female officer asked me questions. They were very pleasant and calm. They let me take breaks to smoke and gave me water to sober up. They asked questions to prompt me on because my thoughts were scattered but they never questioned me in a way that insinuated what happened to me was fabricated. They were visibly shocked and sympathetic when I told them my attacker had returned to the house with his father.

  Afterwards, myself and my sister went outside to smoke a ciggarette and she told me that she wasn’t able to handle the situation without mum and dad. I agreed. Meanwhile my brother called my boyfriend who was about to go to work. He told him he had to travel back to our hometown, that I needed him.

The police I had earlier spoken to told me that we would have to go to a special unit for victims of rape and that they would drive me there. I went with them and my brother whilst my sister drove to my parents house to tell them what was happening.


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