The Party

May 16, 2007 at 7:30 pm (Uncategorized)


It was the end of last year when I went home to visit my mum and dad in sheffield for one night. When I got there my brother told me that two of our mates Jim and Peter would be having a party at their mum’s place for Peter’s 19th birthday the next night. Myself, my brother, Jim and Peter are all friends and, since my boyfriend would be working that night I decided to stay another night rather than going back to my empty flat.

After my brother, myself and Peter went out for some food we called in at a local pub for 3 or 4 pints before heading up to the party. On the way we bought an 8 pack of bottled lager between us.

The party was lively but civilised and spread across 3 rooms. People were drinking and some were smoking weed outside. Our little group of 4 was sticking together, Peter is younger than us and his friends were mostly people we’d never met. Then, just before the toast, the mum of the house, Elaine, returned who I knew well. She had been at a party for a friend’s birthday and returned with a man who I knew, a childhood friend of the older brother and former classmate of myself, John. I caught up with Louise and after that spoke to John, asking him where his girlfriend was. He explained she was unwell which I felt was a shame as, although she was not a friend of mine, I felt that he tended to act less anti-social when he was with her.

The night went on and when the beer me and my brother brought was gone we went in search of more booze. By this point I was feeling quite drunk and, though myself and my brother had stuck together, we were beginning to mingle with the group more. In the end we resorted to pinching a bottle of wine from the cellar and drank it straight from the bottle.

John, in the meantime had been irritating people, firing party poppers in people’s faces and starting pointless arguments with the younger men there. In order to distract him from trouble causing myself and my brother (neither of whom were fans of John’s) decided to share our wine with him and go to the next room along with Jim and Peter. The bottle was passed between the five of us and we generally stayed in the front room listening to music and joking around. 


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