The After Party

May 16, 2007 at 7:32 pm (Uncategorized)

Towards the end of the party I was feeling really drunk. The same bottle was being passed around but we weren’t managing to drink much. All of a sudden my brother just seemed to fall asleep sitting up, it seemed strange because he can usually take more alcohol than me and we were drinking the same. We called him a taxi, he thought of staying but needed his contact lens solution. I decided to stay because all my stuff was there and there was a bed made up. I hadn’t seen Jim for ages and hoped to spend the next day with him.

The partygoers all filtered out leaving myself, John, Jim and Peter. I sat next to John on a sofa facing the window whilst Jim and his brother sat on a sofa facing the fireplace. Peter said he was going to bed after a few minutes and Jim took a final sip of the wine and agreed he was going up too. I was starting to feel really tired and thought about heading to bed too. Then I made the worst decision of my life.

I looked at the bottle of wine, and I looked at John. I wanted to finish the wine and….this is a very hard thing to write, I felt sorry for him. He had been a pain all night, all his life and I thought this must be how things end for him. Everyone walking away, leaving him alone thinking about his social incapabilities.

I now think that was completely wrong. I believe he doesn’t think he does anything wrong, that people like him and he deserves to have what he wants. I feel that something in his life has lead him to lose his conscience and act only for himself.

Suddenly everything was very blurry. We were still sitting on that sofa and I remember trying to hold a conversation about films. I spoke about a director I like, he hadn’t seen any of his films and I struggled to stay awake let alone maintain conversation. Then that’s it.


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